Flowatch Flowmeter/Anemometer JDC

Developed for use under various challenging field conditions. Its different impellers measure almost any fluid, liquid or gaseous medium. Fluid measurements can be taken in knots, km/h, mph, and m/s. The meter also takes temperature measurements in either °F or °C, including minimum and maximum temperature and current temperature. Also included is a wind speed impeller which allows you to take air velocity and wind chill measurements. To take flow measurements from a bridge or other elevated location, use the optional flow sensor with 15 meter cable (sold separately). Kit includes the display, 2m telescoping rod, a 60mm water impeller, 25mm air impeller and carrying case. Weatherproof.

Specifications :
- Accuracy: ±2% fluid speed; ±3% air velocity; Temperature, ±1°F (±0.2°C). 
- Range: Fluid Speed, 0.2 to 40 mph (0.1 to 18 M/Sec) depending on impeller; Temperature, -58°F to 212°F (-50°C to 100°C). 
- Resolution: 0.3 km/h; 0.2 mph; 0.2 knots; 0.1 M/Sec. 
- Temperature Modes: Minimum, maximum, current temperature, wind chill factor. 
- Operating Modes: Current, maximum and average fluid speed. 
- Power: 2 ”AA” Batteries (included). 
- Dimensions: 
  - Display, 5.25” x 2.25” x 2.5”; 
  - Case, 25” x 13” x 3”. 
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