Sangkar Meteorologi Ukuran Besar (Weather-Shelter)

Weather-Shelter - large size - (Stevenson Screen)  - economical complete set consisting of screen, stand and steps

The large Stevenson screen is constructed in accordance with the WMO recommendations. The walls of the screen are double-louvred and the floor is made of staggered boards. The roof of the screen is doublelayered, with provisions for ventilation of the space between the two layers. Stand height is about 185 cm, which allows to make measurements at a height of 200 cm above the ground level. The screen is made of from dried pinewood, that has been protected against the harsh weather conditions, fungi and insects by impregnation, followed by application of layers of white oil (alkyd) paint. The entire construction is made with high  precision to eliminate the problem of getting to the inside of direct sunlight. The set includes metal stand and steps, which are protected against corrosion by professional, resistant to mechanical damage, acrylic paint, forming a flexible coating. The  steps are non-slip even in wintertime conditions.


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