Alat Ukur Curah Hujan Otomastis (Rain Recorder Tipe Hellmann)

Consisting of galvanied grey hammertone finished stainless steel casing with receiving ring,
built-in float measuring system with siphoning device, recording system with drum recording.

Receiving area: 200 cm² 95 -  Rain Recorder - Hellmann Type - open95 - Rain Recorder - Hellmann Type
Measuring range: 0...10 mm of rainfall

Drum rotation at your choice:
     a) daily        or
     b) weekly

Recording drum:    
     Ø133 mm
     Height: 93 mm
     Recording height: 78 mm
     Running time: app. 9 days

Dimensions of casing:
     body: 240 mm diameter,
     total diameter: 370 mm
     height: 1000 mm
Weight: 11.0 kg (without packing)

     1 set of recording charts
        (100 charts for daily rotation or 54 charts for weekly rotation)
     1 spare-cartridge-pen
     1 collecting vessel (capacity 3 litres)
     1 spare glass siphon
     1 protective cover      
     1 measuring cylinder RM25 T171 (for 10 mm rainfall, divisioned in 0.1 mm of rainfall, according DIN 58667B,
        made from Polystyrol)


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