Biosafety Cabinet 1300 Series A2 Class II

Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2

Energy efficient design helps labs save money over the entire life of the cabinet
Reduce operating costs up to 75% over traditional biological safety cabinets with AC motors
Increase comfort and encourage safe working habits with the sloped front, bright workspace, and low noise level
Maximize safety through our innovative SmartFlow* design with Digital Airflow Verification

Safety Features
  • Meet NSF/ANSI™ Standard 49
  • Real-time airflow adjustments ensure inflow and downflow velocities remain steady
  • Pressure sensor filter monitoring measures total airflow across the working area
  • Proprietary front window design simplifies cleaning for a safer working environment
  • SmartFlow™ Indicator adjusts airflows as filter resistance changes
  • SmartFlow visually demonstrates cabinet's ability to compensate to maintain personal protection
  • More Choices
  • Available in 4 or 6 ft. Widths (122 or 183cm)
  • Available with either 8 or 10 in. Work aperture (20.3 or 25.4cm)
  • Available in SmartCoat or stainless-steel interior
  • Electrical or manual adjustable height stands are also available (must be ordered separately)

Certifications: NSF/ANSI 49, UL, CE
Warranty: Three years parts and labor on equipment


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