Snag Net

Complete Snag Net, Large, 2-1/8 - Replacement net only, Nitex, 500 microns
Designed for sampling snags (submerged logs), these nets can be moved along the snag to collect organisms you stir up in front of it. The snag sampler is similar to our classic D-Frame dip net, with a canvas bottom for protection, a sturdy 3/8" thick stainless steel ring, and our time-tested removable handle system.
Large Snag Net:
• Samples logs up to 14" (0.35m) in diameter
• Basic net includes net, frame, and two-piece 60" handle.
• Collapsible option not available
• Kit option includes net, frame, 60" two-piece handle, 48-C60 dolphin adaptor, and 47-C60 500um 200mL dolphin bucket.

• Shroud: Bottom only
• COD-end: 2-1/8" (3-1/2" available, please call us)
• Net is 500 micron Nitex® (other sizes available, please call us)
• Net ring: 10 mm (3/8”) diameter stainless steel
• Clipped to frame with pig clip net rings
• Internal rope reinforcement


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