Rain Gauge Test Equipment

Electrically aspirated thermometer by Frankenberger for continuous measurement of the air temperature with high accuracy; double protection against global and reflex radiation.

The chrome-plated tubes are insulated against the shaft and against each other by plastic rings.

This instrument in its present design was developed by Frankenberger and provides continuous measurement of the air temperature with high accuracy. The design of the instrument The new mobile Rain Gauge Test Equipment is able to simulate rain in various intensities. The second generation of the Rain Gauge Test Equipment has a new and improved special pump inside. With almost no noise rain gauges can be tested easily in the field or in the lab.

A big help for the daily test work is the new automatic stop, which is ending the test cycle automatically. While our equipment is running the test, you can work on the other calibration jobs.

Because of the compact size and the battery operation it is no problem to use it in the field. Together with the integrated Combilog 1022 (optional) you have a strong team for on site testing.

The different adaptors for mounting the rain gauge onto the test equipment will cover up all commen rain gauges. If there is a rain gauge which does not fit our adaptors it is no problem to provide also one with special dimensions.

  • Dimensions: 630 x 300 x 350 mm
  • Power supply: 12 V DC (power supply unit and cable included)
  • Battery: 7 Ah


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