Lensatic Compass

Over hill, over dale, you can hit that dusty trail. Let our military-style compass point the way!
Even the most avid hiker may not immediately recognize this compass, since it was originally designed to direct artillery fire. The Lensatic design is preferred by military forces for its hyper-accuracy in land navigation and combat.

But if that is its purpose, it can certainly locate stationary terrain features such as rocks, trees and cliffs. Which makes it ideal for following a course - no matter how convoluted - over the ground.

This exceptional little device is shock-resistant but not waterproof and an outstanding value. Unique for such a low-cost item, it includes detailed scientific instructions. Calibrated for use in North America only.

Compass includes:
•Compass card with housing
•Degree scale and rotating bezel
•Sighting wire top cover
•Thumb hook for holding compass steady
•Lens, with dial graduated in 0-360 degrees in 5 degree increments and 6400 mils in 20 mil increments


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