Hess Stream Sampler

Similar to Surbers but suitable for gravel and cobble bottoms. Cylindrical with enclosed sides and an open top, it has two strong reversible handles for forcibly pushing and rotating the cylinder into stream bottoms. The sampler penetrates 3 - 6” (75 - 150 mm). Once in place, scrub the pebbles inside so the specimens are carried by the current into the net. Water flows in through the upstream window and out the downstream window into the collecting net and bucket.
•    Drum and handles: 304 stainless steel, 330 mm ID x 400 mm high (13” ID x 16”).
•    Fasteners: 18/8 stainless.
•    Bottom open area: 0.086 m2
•    Replacement nets available
•    Includes 48-C60 adapter & 47-C-- dolphin™ bucket
Available size 243,363,500,600,1000 ┬Ám


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