Heron Conductivity

Perform accurate measurements of conductivity, water level and temperature in wells, bore holes, standpipes and open bodies of water.  Profile conductivity and temperature to depths of 1000' (300m) and to accuracies of 1/100' (or 1mm).  Unlike other units on the market, our economical deivce uses a measuring tape with high tensile steel core, tested for stretch resistance to ASME standards.  We added two seven-stranded stainless steel conductors to strengthen the tape.  The probe uses four electrodes with two arrays that reverse polarity 1000 times per second.  Water level is sensed when the probe contacts water.  Probe is 3/4" diameter and 8" long (19mm x 203mm).
-High quality, stretch resistant tape that meets ASME standards, jacketed in polyethylene and reinforced with stainless steel conductors
-Four electrode configurations
-Automatic on/off
-Automatic temperature conversion
-Measures temperatures from -20 degrees to +85 degrees Celcius
-Measures to 80 thousandths microsiemens
-Durable padded carry bag
-Cable lengths to 1000' (300m)


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