Water Quality Monitoring Outfit (Lamotte)

This outfit stresses the importance of using analytical methods and encourages proper field investigation techniques by use of representative sampling, careful observation, accurate record keeping, and systematic measurement to plot changing conditions. Outfit contains seven basic water quality test factors including: pH, nitrate-nitrogen, phosphate, dissolved oxygen, alkalinity (total), turbidity, and temperature. Each test module includes the necessary apparatus and reagents to perform 50 tests and also includes complete instructions. Individual modules allow teams of students to perform water quality analyses at the same time at one or more testing sites. Outfit housed in a sturdy, rugged field carrying case. Also included is The Monitor’s Handbook, a 64-page reference guide for water quality analysis in natural aquatic systems, and The Water Quality Educator CD-ROM (for PC or Mac), an interactive CD which offers step-by-step instructions for water quality test procedures. 
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