10 pH/Conductivity/Temp. Meter (Oakton)

The pH/CON 10 reads pH from 0 to 14, autoranging conductivity over four ranges up to 19.99 mS, and temperature in °C. Switch between conductivity and pH readings with a single button press. Includes a versatile multi-sensor probe with 10’ submersible cable that reads pH, conductivity, and temperature – so you never need to change probes when you switch measurement modes. The double junction pH electrode has an increased fill volume for long life and features a protective storage cap. Temperature response is also exceptionally fast. The conductivity cell is easy to clean and is not subject to air bubble entrapment, allowing more consistent readings. Other features include a HOLD function, a READY indicator, and a battery-conserving automatic shutoff function. All functions are accessible from the water-resistant membrane keypad. 

Specifications :
Range: pH, 0.00 to 14.00 pH; conductivity, 0 to 19.99 µS, 0 to 199.9 µS, 0 to 1999 µS, and 0 to 19.99 mS; temperature, 0.0°C to 100.0°C. Resolution: pH, 0.01 pH; conductivity, 0.01 µS, 0.1 µS, 1 µS, and 0.01 mS; temperature, 0.1°C. Accuracy: pH, ±0.01 pH; conductivity, ±1% full scale or ± 1 digit; temperature, ±0.5°C. Calibration: pH, up to three points (pH 4.01, 7.00, 10.00); conductivity, up to four points (one point per range); temperature, offset in 0.1°C increments. Power: four 1.5 V AAA batteries (included). Dimensions: 7.5”L x 3.75”W x 2.25”H, Probe: 5.5”L x 2”W x 1.25”H.
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