Ph EC TDS Test Meter

The only tester in the world that measures electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, pH and temperature! No more switching between meters - this one does it all! All pH and EC/TDS readings are automatically temperature compensated (ATC) for. The EC/ TDS conversion factor is user selectable as well as the temperature compensation coefficient B. Battery operated for portability with about 100 hours of continuous use. Waterproof, floating and with a large, easy-to-read dual-level LCD and automatic shut off. Replaceable pH electrode cartridge with cloth renewable junction. Adjustable B. Adjustable TDS ration. Battery level and stability indicator. The replaceable pH electrode cartridge with a cloth removable junction as well as an EC/ TDS graphite electrode which resists contamination by salts and other substances that come in contact with the electrode. Fast, efficient, accurate and portable.
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