Leveloader (Solinst)

Field ready and water resistant, the Solinst® Leveloader data transfer device is designed for use with the Levelogger® Edge. The Leveloader’s Real Time View feature allows for live viewing of water level and temperature data at pump tests. Scroll through data points from the Real Time View mode on the attached Levelogger itself or within saved log files. Use the Levelogger Settings file integration for easy setup of sampling schedules away from the testing site. Up to 10 Levelogger Settings files can be uploaded to the Leveloader at a time. This time-saving process ensures that site-wide investigations use similar sampling schedules, and files can be changed and replaced at any time. The Leveloader has a memory capacity of up to 32 full Levelogger downloads (1,390,000 LT readings, 930,000 LTC readings). Other features include enhanced battery life (9V alkaline or lithium), a large LCD screen, and ergonomic design. Includes connections and cables for USB, RS232, optical, and direct read interface to the top of the well.
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