ElectroShock Dip Net

Electrofishing devices are useful in areas where uneven bottoms, fast-flowing water or other obstructions make fish collection a challenge. An electrical field in the water is produced by passing a current between two submerged electrodes (or an electrode and the ground). The fish are either stunned or move toward one of the poles, depending upon whether AC or DC is used. In either case, they are obviously easier to catch than with other methods. Use our medium-sized net for stream, shallow water and boat shocking. It affords no shock hazard due to the nonconducting fiberglass handle. Durable Monorail construction.

• Handle: 4’ (48”) long fiberglass with grip
• Bow: 16” wide x 16” long, pear-shaped bow
• Mesh: 1/8” knotless nylon mesh
• Bag depth: 12” deep

Designed for use with electro-shock power pack, sold separately.
The product is considered oversized and may require addtional frieght due at time of processing.


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