Digital Chlorine Analyzer Kit 1200 (Lamotte)

Determine Free Available Chlorine levels and total residual chlorine.

In order to effectively kill, control, and remove impurities in water using chlorine, it is essential to establish and maintain sufficient levels of Free Available Chlorine (a.k.a. hypochlorous acid), the active ingredient responsible for chlorine’s sanitizing capabilities. LaMotte’s 1200 Series direct reading, single test colorimeter and DPD reagents allow you to do just that. With only a single test sample of chlorinated water, you’ll be able to use the colorimeter and DPD reagents to distinguish the water’s level of Free Available Chlorine as well as its total residual of chlorine. The sample’s level of Bromine and Iodine can also be determined with a few simple calculations. Results quickly appear in ppm (parts per million) on the colorimeter’s large 3-1/2 digit LCD screen, and its flip-top lid over the sample chamber prevents any stray light, especially in the field and avoids misplacing separate light caps. Features include a compact, hand-held design, a water-resistant, rugged housing for use in the field or lab, and an RS232 serial port for interfacing with a datalogger or computer. Kit includes a colorimeter, six 10 ml screw-cap sample vials, one water sample bottle, instruction manual, and sturdy, foam-lined carrying case.

Specifications : 
- Range: 0-4.0 ppm. 
- Sensitivity: 0.05. 
- Reading stability: within 1% of final value within 3 seconds. 
- Photometric accuracy: ±2%. 
- Photometric precision: ±0.001 AU. 
- Sample chamber: accepts 25 mm diameter flat-bottom, capped test tubes (included). 
- Display: 3-1/2 digit LCD. 
- Power: 1 alkaline 9-volt DC battery (included) or optional AC adapter. 
- Dimensions: 3-3/8” x 6-3/8” x 2-5/8”. 
- Weight: 11 oz.
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