Colorimeter (SMART3 Lamotte)

This microprocessor-based, compact colorimeter automatically selects proper wavelengths for performing a variety of water tests. A menu-driven display guides you step-by-step through testing procedures and then displays the results. The multi-LED optical system is embedded in the colorimeter’s light chamber and is optimized for use with LaMotte test reagents. Just select the test and then insert the sample with reagent. You can even enter up to 25 tests for analysis of custom reagent systems. Features include a USB port to interface with your PC, a six-button mechanical switch keypad, a self-diagnostics system, a power-saving automatic shut-off function, and factory-set calibration. Six sample tubes, USB cable, USB wall plug, and instruction manual included. Waterproof to IP67.

Specifications :
Range: 0 to 125% T. Resolution: 1% FS. Accuracy: 2% FS. Light source: LED/filter setup at 428nm, 525nm, 568nm, 635nm. Detector: Photodiodes. Display: 160 x 100 backlit LCD, 20 x 6 line graphics display. Sample cell: 25 mm round cell, 10 mm square cuvette, 16 mm COD tubes. Power: USB wall charger or Lithium ion rechargeable battery. Dimensions: 7.5” x 3.5” x 2.5”.
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