Topcon GTS 235n Series

Toughest durability, dust- and waterproof, IP66! The GTS-230N Series stand up to anyalt weather condition that occurs in the field, giving the great benefit of no experiencing down time. IP66, dust- and waterproof, the GTS-230N Series assures durable performance in the field under all conditionsalt as an “ALL Weather” Total Station.

Bad weather is no longer an excuse for lost productivity!
Increased Internal Memory for DATA Storage The GTS-230N Series has an internal memory to store up to 24,000 points for data collection and lay-out work.
Alphanumeric 24 key-keyboard and graphical display altThe GTS-230N has a 24 numeric key-keyboard build in.

This 24 key-keyboard makes it easier and quicker to key in codes and other alpha or numeric fields. Besides more flexibility in the keyboard the graphical display on the GTS-230N supports almost any character.

Long Life Battery : 10hours!
BT-52QA Ni-MH on-board battery allows 10 hours of continuous measurement in the angle/distance mode, and lasts 45 hours on the job for angle measurement
only. This long life battery will eliminate the need for multiple batteries. One BT-52QA will be sufficient for most full day surveying work.


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