Satlantic SUNA V2 Nitrate Sensor

The SUNA V2 is a chemical-free UV nitrate sensor based on the ISUS UV nitrate measurement technology developed at MBARI. Satlantic has adapted the technology to develop the SUNA V2 to measure nitrate in increasingly challenging environments, including extremely turbid and high CDOM conditions.

With improved optics and built-in logic intelligence, the SUNA V2 measures nitrate with industry leading accuracy and stability over a wide range of environmental conditions, from blue-ocean nitraclines to storm runoff in rivers and streams.

New to the SUNA V2:
Adaptive sampling intelligence that automatically adjusts for signal strength
Class-based nitrate calibration

Standard Features:

  • Real time nitrate calculation
  • Full UV spectrum for maximum accuracy
  • Easy-to-use SUNACom software
  • Software-based in-field calculations
  • Corrosion-proof titanium and acetal housing 
Optional Features

  • Reduced 5mm pathlength for high turbidity environments
  • Active fouling control with fully integrated Hydro-Wiper
  • Internal datalogging and scheduling
  • Full freshwater and seawater calibrations
  • USB communications and data download
  • SDI-12 interface

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