Elcometer 134 CSN Test Kit

Elcometer 134 CSN Test Kit - Chlorides, Sulphates & Nitrates
Designed to accurately measure surface chloride, sulphate and nitrate ions in minutes, the Elcometer 134 'CSN Salts' offers the user the ability of trouble-free performance testing in the field.
All the components of the Elcometer CSN Test Kit are pre-measured and pre-dosed for complete accuracy.
All results are recorded in parts per million (ppm) - no complicated calculations needed to transfer these to µgcm¯² as the tests of the Elcometer 134 CSN are designed to be on a ratio of 1:1
Supplied in an ABS plastic carry case for easy portability around the site, each field kit is supplied with full instructions attached to the inside lid, together with:
5 x Chloride Tests
5 x Tests, together with 1 x Colorimeter, for Sulphate Testing
5 x Nitrate Test Strips
5 x Syringes (without needles)
All Elcometer 134CSN consumables can be replenished.


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